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The Old Pretenders

The Old Pretenders are a recently formed, local bagpipe band. They enjoy playing a wide variety of tunes, from traditional to more contemporary. They play a range of instruments from bagpipes, guitar and drums and like to bring an enjoyment to Southern Community events.

The group plays both the large traditional Highland pipes as well as smaller, (quieter) chamber pipes. Playing some less traditional tunes differentiates the group from other bagpipe bands.

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Craig Youd Logo White.png

Craig Youd is a local musical talent from Zeehan on Tasmania's West Coast. With his vibrant guitar sound and sensational vocals, he has found his way of being apart of our festival line up for the last 10 years. Craig is know for putting his spin on everyone's old sing-along favourites, but also blends in some of the hits of today.

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Tony Voglino + Iain MacLeod Logo White.png

Critically acclaimed accordionist,10 out of 10 in reviews whilst performing with world famous gale-force dance. He is well known internationally for all variety of music and performance. Now residing in Tasmania has performed at Rosebery for 20 years. Tap your feet to the unique sound of Iain MacLeod.

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Clinton Hutton Logo (From Powerpoint).png

This man doesn’t need an introduction, but he gets one anyway.

Clinton Hutton is known as one of the founding members of the acoustic duo ‘The Doctors Rocksters’ and his supergroup trio ‘The Bass Highway Men’. Recent years Clint has now moved on to live solo shows with his trusty Loop Station, writing and producing his own music.

Some of his popular originals are ‘The West Coast’ which was written for the West Coast Branding project and his debut single ‘That Was Yesterday’.

Clint is a man of many talents, who keeps raising the bar and smashing his goals. If you want to see musical talent from either phenomenal guitar playing, high vocals or on point looping, Clinton Hutton is your guy.

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Canning Duck.jpg
Canning Duck Logo  (From Powerpoint).png

Distilled in the oak barrels of Launceston Tasmania, Canning Duck seduce the pallet with sharp blues notes, subtle whispers of funk and an electrifying undercurrent of pure, unadulterated rock n roll. From the first nip of this age old family recipe the uncontrollable desire to dance, swoon or indulge quickly envelopes you with their warm blanket of soul.

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Full Noise Logo Black (From Powerpoint).png

Burnie based band Full Noise have been rocking the stages all over the North West Coast for the last century. After a few years on hiatus, and a slight line-up change they are back to entertain the masses. Full Noise are best known for their beefy cover music and front man Johnny Wilson’s guitar shredding capabilities. They are not a band that you would want to miss.

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Goin' Fishen' 2.jpg

Goin' Fishen' formed in Rosebery in 2005 after the iconic West Coast band 'Bad Acid' preformed their final show. Goin' Fishin' have played many gigs around the West over the years including every Rosebery Festival in one form or another. They will be back at it again in 2020 to rock our stages with their fun and high energy rock covers.